Only love - everywhere and in everyone.
— Glenn Candler Fuller, Founder of The Sweetgrass Foundation


The basis for the Foundation is the conviction that all life on Earth is interconnected, and that the planet-wide activities of industrial society are destroying the fabric of life, whereas most indigenous societies recognize and act on the reciprocal relationships between humans, other beings and their environment. The purpose of the Foundation is the protection, restoration and support of ecological health and indigenous cultures throughout the world.  The Foundation has no interest in academic approaches which treat nature, animals or indigenous peoples as objects of study.  Instead, the Foundation will support individuals and organizations working directly for ecological health and cultural diversity and preservation.  The Foundation has a special interest in the protection of pristine wilderness areas and in work that supports young people in gaining respect for the earth.

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On March 11th, 1992 Flora Glenn Candler Fuller, “Glenn”, held the first meeting of The Sweetgrass Foundation at the offices of the Arden Group, Inc. in Atlanta, Georgia. It wasn’t until five years later that the By-Laws were amended to include the current basis and goals for the Foundation andGlenn eloquently wrote the Mission

Glenn started the Foundation with $1,000,000 of Coca-Cola Stock, inherited from her father, Charles, grandson of Asa Candler Sr. who was the founder of Coca-Cola.

Glenn was a great and gentle soul with strong convictions, unparalleled intellect and heart, and a wicked sense of humor, balanced by a profound humility. She had a wide range of interests but they all held a common thread, to help humanity. Glenn never called attention to herself. She loved nature and animals and children and indigenous peoples, especially Native Americans (hence Sweetgrass*) and the Nepalese. She deeply cared about others and though somewhat shy, dined comfortably both with the President of Mexico at a stuffy club in New York City and with Sherpas high in the Himalayas of Nepal. And although she could have been philanthropic on her own, she sought other points of view to balance her own and to increase her exposure to new ideas. Her strong leadership and pure heart made everyone want to be a better person, follow in her footsteps, be kind and make the world a better place.   

On October 16th, 2006, an unspeakably sad day, Glenn died following a robust fight with cancer. For all of us at The Sweetgrass Foundation, it was one of the saddest days of our lives. But she left a legacy that we would honor; a legacy that often brings joy in small and surprising ways. She wanted her dreams to live on.  Her dreams became our dreams and vice versa. At her death, The Foundation received additional funds more than doubling the market value of the portfolio and her son, Thomas, was elected Chair.

Over the past two decades, nearly $2 million dollars of grants have been made to a wide variety of organizations that meet the goals of the Foundation. 

The Sweetgrass Foundation continues to thrive and the Trustees continue to carry on the mission of the By-Laws.  We hope to continue the great work that Glenn initiated for many generations to come. 

*Sweetgrass, is considered a sacred plant by Native Americans.   It has a sweet aromatic scent and doesn’t burn but smolders.  It is often used at the beginning of Native American prayers or ceremonies to attract positive spirits.  It is also woven into baskets as it is believed to have great power.



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